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Body Parts


No description

huesos your head.
brazo face.
ojo This is used to make tacos and found in a cows mouth.
lengua the thicker the better for the man's eyes.
sonrisa this part of you body may twist playing basketball.
mano your shoulder.
corazon your cheeks are called.
rodilla they are made of dead cells on the end of your fingertips.
cara your hand.
unas elbow or cheap.
la mejilla your nose.
hombro your arm.
cabeza you cannot hear without these.
codo your smile.
pulmones there are 206 of these in your body.
cesos you can't see without these.
nariz this muscle beats.
oreja your brains.
cejas this organ helps you breathe.
tobillo your knee.
labios you use these to kiss.

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