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Spanish-Speaking Countries and Capitals

Hannah Priester

Geography of the Spanish-Speaking world

buenos aires capital of Colombia
america del sur capital of Ecuador
tegucigalpa capital of Panama
lima capital of Costa Rica
guatemala Cuba is in this geographical area
caracas capital of Bolivia (Political)
san jose Honduras is on this geographical area
madrid capital of Spain
santo domingo capital of Mexico
el caribe capital of Uruguay
europa capital of Argentina
america del norte capital of Peru
la ciudad de mexico capital of Paraguay
san salvador capital of Guatemala
santiago capital of Honduras
la ciudad de panama Venezuela is on this continent
montevideo capital of Cuba
quito capital of Venezuela
san juan capital of Nicaragua
managua Mexico is on this continent
la paz capital of Bolivia (Religious)
la havana Spain is on which continent
america centra capital of El Salvador
asuncion capital of Puerto Rico
bogota capital of Chile
sucre capital of the Dominican Republic

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