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El Imperfecto

Sr. Alvarado

The conjugation form of the imperfect tense in Spanish.

cantabas We were riding (a tricycle)
preferias You used to sing
gastabamos They used to choose
ganaba They used to play
llevabas He used to earn
teniamos We used to get (bad grades)
montabamos You used to go
escuchaba I used to walk
decia la verdad She used to ask
nos lavabamos I used to want
empezaba She was lying
lloraban She used to see
queria I was telling the truth
sacabamos You used to wear
era He used to like
se portaba I used to bring
saltaban They used to jump (rope)
escogian I used to be/ I was
preguntaba He was behaving (well)
jugaban We used to have
me acostaba I was listening to
peleabamos They were crying
traia They were looking for
gustaba You were sitting
te sentabas We were spending
veia It used to begin
busacaban I used to go to bed
caminaba We were washing
ibas You used to prefer
mentia We were fighting

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