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New verbs List #1

Sra. H --La clase de Español 3 y 4

Fill in the correct verbs, paying close attention to spelling. Any spelling error will make the whole word wrong. If there are two words, there will be a space between them. ** sentences are extra credit. (Do not use "yo" for any extra credit ones.)

me alegro I feel, I'm sorry **
dudar already
contestar I tremble **
recuerdo to ask for
torcerse to cure
sentir I'm happy **
poder to deny
pido to be able to
pedir I leave **
puedo I ask for **
recordar to remember
negar to have an outcome of, to leave
temblar to feel
rogar I remember **
salgo I deny **
alegrarse to tremble
salir so much
tiemblo I can **
siento to wash
niego to doubt
sugerir to make, to cause
ya to be happy
tener éxito to be successful
tanto to twist
ruego I beg **
lavar to be lost
hacer to suggest
curar to beg
estar perdido to answer

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