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lamemos we yelled at
chismeo you gossipped
lamo they ate
lamimos we lick
raganaste they yelled at
lamieron he licked
chismeas you yelled at
chismea he gossips
reganas he licks
chismeamos you gossip
reganamos I licked
lamio we gossipped
lami they yell at
lame you lick
regano I yelled at
chismearon he yells at
chismean you licked
reganar you yell at
lamer she gossipped
regane I yell at
comer they lick
chismee they gossipped
lamiste to yell at
regana we yell at
chismear you guys licked
lamen to gossip
reganan I lick
chismeo to lick
reganaron to eat
reganamos I gossipped
chismeaste we licked
lames you guys gossip
comieron I gossip

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