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Repaso De Vocabulario

Discuss ways to stay fit and healthyTalk about daily routine and personal careMake suggestions

banarse nourishment
maquillaje well-being
ponerse la ropa to get dressed
jabon calorie
alimento to lie down, to go to bed
lavarse athletics
mantenerse sano to train
secarse makeup
caloria hair dryer
levantarse after-shave lotion
relajarse energy
estres toothbrush
pasta de dientes to be healthy
peinarse deodorant
balanceado diet
desodorante balanced
estirarse straight (hair)
crecer food
peine shampoo
nutritivo to grow
dieta nutritious
perfume to wash oneself
afeitarse to comb one's hair
secador de pelo to relax
arreglarse to sweat
maquillarse to shave oneself
sudar to get up
locion perfume
entrenarse to stretch
cepillo hairbrush
cepillo de dientes to take a shower
acostarse soap
quitarse la ropa stress
lavarse los dientes to dry oneself
saludable toothpaste
bienstar to put on makeup
despertarse comb
rizado to take a bath
champu to get ready
alimentacion to take off one's clothes
ducharse to brush one's hair
energia to brush one's teeth
lacio to wake up
atletismo healthy
cepillarse el pelo curly (hair)

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