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Spanish II Lesson 2-1 Review

Mrs. Jones

Lesson 2-1 Review

polloasado bacon
ensaladas she follows or continues
venir fish
vienen potatoes
vengo breakfast
tocino lunch
rio he begins
postres the bill
almuerzo they close
cuenta we prefer
propina I want or love
pan I get or obtain
pescado to come
sonries I laugh
verduras seafood
desayuno cheese
preferimos vegetables
jamon juice
mariscos you lose
queso desserts
piensa lettuce
papas roast chicken
agua waiter or waitress
lechuga she or he thinks
cierran he or she asks for
bebidas to go
pide eggs
recomiendan ham
jugo you smile
entiendo the tip
empieza you go
vas they recommend
churrasco drinks
frutas I come
camerera they come
consiguo water
quiero tenderloin steak
huevos I understand
ir salads
sigue bread
pierdes fruit

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