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YA verbos preterito leccion 13

Russell Diaz

No description

subi you (tu) were born
corrio he ran
llamaron we wrote
recogimos they saw
salimos I picked up
escribieron you all wrote
recogi he saw
recibimos you (tu) took care of
escribiste I bought
corrieron we picked up
recibi I described
barrimos you (ud) had breakfast
llamaste we spoke
compraron you all went out
recibio we received
subiste you (tu) called
barriste they ran
hablaste you (ud) called
naciste you (tu) wrote
llamo you (tu) spoke
vieron he received
salieron he swept
escribimos you (tu) went up
desayunaron you all bought
cuidaste they called
describio I went up
naci we took care of
desayuno they had breakfast
cuide we swept
compre I was born
vio you (tu) swept
hablamos we went out
cuidamos I received
describi I took care of
barrio she described

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