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Spanish Verbs for Test 2 105

Hunter Ellis

No description

banarse to be sick
poder to return
acostarse to get; to obtain
almorzar to stay in bed
empezar to be sick
tomarlelatemperatura to rain
tenertos to count; to tell
levantarse to lose; to miss (a function)
tenerfiebre to understand
toser to have a cold
venir to take off
estar refriado to come
cuidarse to have a cold/ flu
jugar to have a headache
secarse to play
tenerescalofrios to have a fever
entender to say; to tell
tenerdolordecabeza to think
contar to begin
estar enfermo to be able
dormirse to be painful
maquillarse to put on makeup
estar sano to eat lunch
pedir to water
afeitarse to sleep
ponerse to get dressed
perder to cost
tenernauseas to catch a cold
llover to put on
sentirse to get up
despertarse to close
comenzar to die
morir to shave
cerrar to want; to love
ducharse to ask for
pintarse to cough
seguir to preferir
conseguir to comb one's hair
tenergripe to wake up
servir to continue; to follow
querer to have a cough
cepillarselosdientes to brush one's teeth
examinar to begin
decir to dry off
estornudar to take someone's temperature
resfriarse to fall asleep
dormir to take care
dolerle to take a bath
lavarse to examine
peinarse to be healthy
regar to feel
preferir to serve
volver to wash up
vestirse to sneeze
enfermarse to put on makeup
pensar to have chills
guardar cama to be nauseous
costar to take a shower
quitarse to go to bed

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