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Spanish Vocab Puzzle: School Subjects


Spanish 1Week of 16/10/07

Lasciencassociales Notebook
Laimformatica Calculator
Lahistoria Course
Ellapiz History
Elfrances Chemistry
Ellibro Class
Elpapel Biology
Lacalculo Pen
Laeducacionfisica Algebra
Elraton Home Economics
Lageografia Book
Laclase Arithmetic
Laeconomiadomestica German
Lamochila Calculus
Latiza Geometry
Lafisica Languages
Labiologia English
Elcurso Chalkboard
Lamatematicas Physical Education
Elalgebra Mathematics
Elespanol Paper
Elarte Physics
Lageometria Dictionary
Lacomputadora Eraser
Elborrador Desk
Lacalculadora Computers
Lapluma Art
Elaleman French
Lasciencias Mouse
Elingles Social Studies
Laaritmetica Sciences
Elpizarron Spanish
Elcuaderno Chalk
Elescritorio Geography
Eldiccionario Pencil
Laquimica Backpack
Laslenguas Computer

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