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Girls Soccer


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mark up Another name for soccer shoes
referee A kick that makes the ball bend or swerve in the air instead of going straight
double-team Foreign name for soccer
offside A player who is on the right or left flanks of the field, either as a forward or midfielder
linesman Kick by the attacking team from the corner
defender The physically demanding position that provides a bridge between the defense and offense
throw-in Hitting a low, hard shot on goal
dissent The pass which leads to a goal
midfielder The players whose chief job is to score goals or create goal-scoring opportunities with passes to teammates
Randy Three goals in a game by a player
wing Two people are guarding the same person
handball An infraction of the rules by a player or a team official
cross To let the ball go past or through your legs to a teammate
dispossess First Annual Tournament for Girls in Aliso
forward When ball hits players hand or arm
punt Telling your teammates to leave no one unmarked
juggling Nickname of Varsity Assistant Coach
keeper When a player shoots or passes the ball by hitting it with her head
golden goal Name for a soccer game
corner kick When player is ahead of last defender before the ball is struck
nutmeg To put the ball between an opponent's leg
Aliso Cup The way a player controls the ball with her feet while on the move
match Another name for goalie
own goal An action taken when a player sends the ball out of bounds over the sideline, or touch line
dive A deadball situation such as a free kick, corner kick, throw-in, or goal kick
weak side When the ball completely crosses the goal line under the goal posts
drive A popular term for an overtime or sudden-death goal
set piece Another name for a defender who plays on the left or right side
obstruction The furthest goalpost from the ball
goal The official who runs up and down the sidelines
dribble The on-field player considered an extension of the coach and a team leader
assist Blocking an opponent with her body
captain The side of the field without the ball
futbol To take the ball away from a dribbler
back door A free kick used to start the game, half, overtime or play after a goal
foul Pass or kick the ball across
halftime A shot lofted over the heads of opponents
Chuy The interval between halves
kickoff When a player yells or even swears at the referee and gets a yellow card as a result
fullback The official who administers the game and awards fouls
bending ball Goal conceded by own player
header When a goalkeeper kicks the ball high down field toward the opposing goal
hat trick First Name of Head Coach
chip To fall down deliberately with the intention of fooling the referee into giving a foul
dummy Keeping a ball in the air with any parts of the body beside the arms and hands
cleats Players positioned in front of the goalkeeper whose primary duty is to stop the opposition from getting shots and scoring

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