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GOLF Terms

by a golfer's Mom

terminology every golfer probably knows (and perhaps a lot of non-golfers too)

BobHope a slice that curves in the shape of a certain tropical fruit (2 wds)
provisionalball ponds, lakes, rivers (2 wds)
dogballs 3-wager game: 1st nine, last nine all 18 holes
BIGGA Adam Sandler comedy where he takes a swing at Bob Barker (2 wds)
waterhazard hometown of the World Golf Hall of Fame (3 wds)
yips professional golf organization from groundskeeper's viewpoint
bananaball a 2nd ball is hit in case the first can't be played (2 wds)
shrimp severe hook resembling the crustacean it is named for
froghair 2 over par on a hole (2 wds)
apron another name for the grass on the perimeter of the green (2 wds)
condor ball hit high and hard
handsy player with too much wrist movement in his/her putts
zinger another name for a sand bunker
wormburn funny, sexy and romantic golf movie of the 1990s (2 wds)
bailout 2 under par on a hole
albatross refreshing last stop of the game (2 wds)
puttputt accidental H20 on the course, for ex., rain puddles (2 wds)
Texaswedge sand or grass hazard
divot dreamy star of that sexy romantic golf comedy (2 wds)
chop three strokes under par
birdie grass on the perimeter on the green, separating it from fairway
bogey fairway that goes straight then takes a turn to the right or left
bunker comic great; known for his love otf the sport
address if your ball is surrounded by brush and trees, you "are"here (2wds)
ace golfer's body position when hitting the ball
PGA one under par on a hole
goldiebounce comedy golf classic starring Bill Murray and some furry critters
StAugustineFlorida hole in one
Nassau can't stop twitching while putting? You have this.
TinCup direction in which the grass is growing on the green
blindhole playing it safe, hitting to the safe part of the hole (2 wds)
doublebogey one over par
nineteenthhole your ball hits a tree and bounces back onto the fairway
hosel prepare to hit the ball
gross very sharp hook that barely gets air borne (2 wds)
grain a golfer's nightmare: he/she keeps mishooting the ball over and over
Caddyshack scoring 8 on one hole (2 wds)
eagle golf association
shanks the putter if used from off the green (2 wds)
dogleg where the clubhead meets the shaft of an iron
casualwater 4 under par
beach piece of dirt lifted in the air by your shot
duckhook another word for miniature golf
injail ball hit low to the ground
KevinCostner swinging at the ball and missing it
whiff short shot close to the ground
stance number of strokes a player takes in his/her round
HappyGilmore can't see the green while hitting (2 wds)

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