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Skeletal System Revision

Miss Dickinson

No description

ballandsocket Spinal Column
rotation Produced within bones
Ossification Attach muscle to bone
Long These bones protect vital organs
Tendons Process of bone growth
Axial Without this we would be stood still
flexion Upper arm bone
Flat Joint with the most amount of movement
Humerous Bones that give leverage
Joint A collection of 12 bones
Ribcage The largest bone in your body
Redbloodcells Set of bones including your ribs and sternum,
extension Set of bones that includes your limbs
Cartlidge Protects your brain
Cranium a swimmers shoulders would be doing this when they are moving in the water
Synovial Shock absorber at the end of bones
Appendicular movement occured when you are shortening the muscle
Femur Freely moveable joints
Movement Where two bones meet
Ligaments The action at your knee when you kick a ball
Vertebrae Link bone to bone

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