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dribbling the official soccer tournament
kick another name for center forward
referee the position closest to the golie
jersie a group of players that score the most goals
ball the person that decides what is fair and not fair
WorldCup you can score this
half time you arem disqualafied for the rest of the season when you get this
outofbounds moving with the ball
goal the whole team wears the same ________
field you kick it
yellowcard you can ______ the ball to another player
offense another name for soccer
sideline this disqualafies you for the rest of the game
players what you do with the ball
golie the person that protects the goal
futbol people that play in games
team a group of players
net a line that divides the field
striker you kick the ball into this
defense a pause in the middle of the game
pass the boundries of the field
halfline what you play on
redcard what happens when the ball passes the side line

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