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J Maxwell

No description

Gymnastics Sport played on a diamond
Badminton Irene Van Dyke plays this
Soccer David Tua is well known for this sport
Softball An insect and a sport
Cycling Oars and a kayak are needed for this sport
Netball Williams sisters are known for this sport
Golf A tee is used in this game
Rugby Michael Jordan played this
Boxing A long long run
Cricket Ruebin Wiki played this
Rowing Bows and Arrows
League Sport on the snow
Tennis Bat and ball game big in the US
Archery Shuttlecocks are used to play this
Basketball Running and field events
Baseball Racing on a push bike
Athletics No 1 sport in New Zealand
Surfing A water sport on waves
Skiing A vegetable and sport
Squash Sport that requires good foot work
Marathon Sport of flips, jumps and balance

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