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The Body in Action

Sean England

Recap- Skeletal System (structure, function, joints, movement, responses)- Muscular system (types, location, movement, responses)

Concentric Movement terminilogy: Opposite of plantarflexion, __________flexion (5)
Cardiac Joints: Type of synovial joint (7)
Dorsi Type of muscle: found inside organs, involuntary (6)
Hypertrophy Movement terminilogy: Opposite of eversion (9)
Synergist Movement terminilogy: Opposite of abduction, movement into the midline (9)
Hyaline Functions: Major function of the skeleton (10)
Isometric Muscle movement: Static muscle contraction (9)
Agonist Bones: Vertebrae of the lower back (6)
Adduction Muscle movement: Contraction: Muscle lengthens to control movement (9)
Inversion Type of muscle: used primarily for movement, under conscious control (8)
Pronation Movement terminilogy: Opposite of supination (9)
Soleus Muscle function: stabilises the origin of the prime mover (7)
gliding Bones: Breast bone (7)
Sternum Adaptation: Cartilage that thickens in synovial joints (7)
Protection Muscle: below the gastrocnemius (6)
Lumbar Muscle movement: Contraction: Muscle shortens to initiate movement (10)
Fixator Muscle function: Muscle that shortens to initiates movement (7)
Smooth Muscle movement: Muscles that work in pairs (12)
Sliding filament Muscle movement: Theory of mucsle contraction (7, 8)
Skeletal Adaptation: Anatomical term for an increase in muscle size (11)
Antagonistic Type of muscle: found only in the heart, involuntary (7)
Eccentric Muscle function: helps the prime mover produce the desired movement (9)

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