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Sports Version 1: the ultimate test of knowledge


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dodgers superman (new)
duke tiger's alma mater
mickelson beckham's new team
duke famous at chapel hill (old)
quadrupledouble phillies beat them recently in the world series
cubs torre's new team
bcs known as the purple people eaters
slam only perfect game in the world series
yankees wears the headgear on gameday
vikings bad stat (nba)
leaf nicklaus's nickname
rolex federer's rival
four ray lewis's alma mater
yannick winner of last world cup
young hansborough's alma mater
goldenbear young spanish basketball phenom yet to play in the US
corso nicknamed "JaBust" by his fans
converse aka chucky
oscar famous bowl in california
pippen recently made a movie about him
fumble grand ____
mayweather led jets to a superbowl
periods named finals MVP but his team lost
augusta jordan's wingman
newyork current US favorite in tennis
shaq nicknamed lefty; tiger's rival
farve 18 pars in a round
dwight spanish lefty (nba)
nike way to winning a boxing match
turkoglu ewing's alma mater
puck became the thunder last year
magic women's basketball champions 2009
fieldgoal coached by coach K
falcons served in the navy before basketball
marquette hosts the masters
cotto most championships (baseball)
marc system that determines the national championship game
kaka number of golf majors each year
lakers 3 goals in a game
larsen owens caught many touchdowns from him
eagle superman (old)
packers Lebron's sponsor
oher pau's brother
georgetown wade's alma mater
nationwide ex raider; new volunteer
safety baseball's worst record this year
miami tnt announcer
uconn guards the net
rubio farve's first team
sonics one under on a hole
pele huge QB bust last decade
galaxy 1996 was their first
bell 100 point game
rivera he played tennis, son plays for the chicago bulls
chargers famous yankees closer
turnover home of the cruelest fans in the US
manu most years without a championship (any sport)
wyoming state whose teams share a stadium (football)
birdie signals start ofa new round
staples point guards get a lot of these
assists only other player besides MJ to average 25 pts and 5 asts in rookie year
gruden home to LA
garcia went more than 15 years between completing a pass to himself
touchdown hockey games are divided into three _____
philly one too many steps while dribbling
rays brady's rival
kiffin possible future opponent for pacquiao
bama AI could only beat them once
rodman qb and rb's reward
ali golfer with drink named after him
russel major sponsor of the british open
hattrick one of the ACC powerhouses (basketball)
int recent nba finals loser
roddick took over for montana
sand black disc on the ice
palmer two under on a hole
goalie highest paid soccer player worldwide
rose name of the "qualifying" tour in golf
barkley won 2009 stanley cup
knockout famous boxer; now ill
stanford won first two superbowls
penguins college football team to score the most points in a single game
namath pac10 powerhouse (football)
gators runningback's mistake
travel famous brazilian star
usc turkey's baskteball star in the US
robinson jordan's other wingman
italy quarterback's mistake
west golf hazard
florida infamous corked bat
nationals bear bryant's school
unc only counts for three (nfl)
nadal won recent back to back ncaa basketball championships
jordan babe ruth's first team
redsox only counts for two (nfl)
even 10pts, 10reb, 10asts, 10blcks in a game
peyton wade's old sponsor
wilt defeated by pacquiao
chattanooga aka the bolts
sosa TO's alma mater

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