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Swahili Verbs

Paul Jones

A swahili verbs puzzle for practice

omba wake up
fungua laugh
ruka jump
andika try
cheka stay
endesha pray
anza drive
amka preach
nunua search
simama fierce
shika read
safisha say
kimbia lift
taka show
fika wait
sema live; exist
pumzika arrive
kali write
tafuta stand
jibu do
ubiri go
gonga follow
fuata catch
ngoja finish
uza sing
soma beat
lia saved
tafuna cut
weka run
oga tired
piga close
kaa bathe
maliza hit
pika take
imba buy
ona fully cooked
inua answer
cheza start
toka see
kata rest
zunguka clean
iva cry
jaribu cook
fanya put
onyesha chew
enda sell
funga play
leta come from
ishi spin
ochoka bring
chukua want
okoka open

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