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Cant Stop the Serenity


A Serenity crossword puzzle

Fruity Oaty Bars Name of the "Cat" house from Firefly
Bonnet Don't want to be the only bee in Mal's (blank).
Hair Besides a plastic rocket, Buddah should bring what.
Saffron A daring ship manuever.
Ambassador Two words link by and, that are a tribute to Joseph H. Lewis' The Big Combo of 1955
Harpy Has a mud statue.
Shepard Plural word for men who supposedly got to the edge of space and stared in to the black.
Strawberries Wash's first name.
Hoban Makes your mother sigh!
Reynolds Mal refers to Kaylee as the prarie form of what mythological creature.
Pony Jayne's gun's name.
Heart of Gold The bellies of the Alliance.
Reavers Makes a man out of a mouse.
Love The lost primary part of Serenity.
Badger It makes the engine start.
Beagles Rumored to be a black rock.
Wave Has a crook.
Haven Plural word for Kaylee's "Ohhh Grandpa!" moment.
Interesting 80's toy that demanded you follow its flashing patterns, later known only by the first part of its name.
Serenity How Mal introduces Inara.
Vira Jayne's gift from an old man.
Smooth A place of refuge.
Crow Single word for: Oh God Oh God we're all going to die!
Rainstick It's what keeps Serenity afloat.
Purple Comes in all colors of the rainbow.
River These war across the console of Serenity.
Buffer Panel Shepard Book's is, "Still there...waiting."
Fanty and Mingo Likes to stand in the door and go, "Boo!"
Browncoats This herb originated in Arabia.
Cry baby Mal was a Sergeant to them.
Jayne The most famous Firefly class transport ship.
Dinosaurs Last name shares something in common with kitchen wrap.
Miranda Black Market goods with the smaller droppings.
Catalyzer A way to talk to people.
Crazy Ivan Comes before: MUSHROOM MUSHROOM!
Simon A flashy synchronized dance.
Protein paste It never goes (blank)

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