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Doctor Who

Alexander Jordan

No description

bad wolf the doctor's human name's girlfriend
cybermen an army of PLASTIC men
sarahjane actor who plays a main part in doctor who and a minor part in a film about wizardry
davidtennant the extremely old version of one across
johnbarrowman the doctors home planet
gallifrey army of metal men
time actor of a conman from 1941
beast the man who created a very old enemy of the doctor's
johnsimm actor of the travellers best friend
tardis actor of doctors arch enemy
ood a travelling machine
mickey a creature who's mind can go into people
faceofboe boyfriend of the doctor's friend
daleks a very long word. The planet that a criminal family come from
marthajones a boy wearing a gas mask which fused to his head
davros an old friend of the doctors whom he meets again
johnsmith ____-Lord, a species that travel in ____
knine two words that keep following the doctor and rose
skaro a slave race on an impossible planet
joan owner of an old friend of the doctor's and one herself
johnlumic the doctor's arch enemies' home planet
billiepiper the doctor's human name
slitheen a criminal family who meet the 9th doctor three times
auton the doctors arch enemIES
raxacoricafallapatorious the doctor's most recent friend
emptychild the man who created the army of metal men

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