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Doctor Who Monsters and Main Characters (Series One)

Jagrafess The scariest Doctor Who monster created (6)
Slitheen The killer shop dummy (6)
Gelth The Doctor's blond-haired companion
TheDoctor Weakest Link host is a robot!! *gasp* (8)
EmptyChild The Main character and the owner of the TARDIS - two words (9)
Anndroid American time-agent and is a kind-of companion
Autons The 'thing' on the ceiling of "The Long Game" (9)
Daleks Bat kind of creatures which had an eye on Rose (7)
Sycorax Christmas Special - positive A's were stolen by this monster (7)
Stewart The green monsters in human skin (8)
Rose "Are you my Mummy?" says this monster - two words (10)
Reapers The Victorian zombie's spirits - I think (5)
Jack The blue person (7)

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