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Game Show Hosts


In this crossword puzzle, I will tell you the game show a person hosted, and you have to figure out which game show host it is.

Jim Perry host of original Lingo
Michael Reagan host of Press Your Luck
Bert Convy host of 20Q
Anne Robinson host of original Card Sharks
Peter Marshall host of Password
Chuck Woolery host of Deal or No Deal
Cat Deeley host of $10,000 Pyramid
Pat Sajak host of Merv Griffin's Crosswords
Dick Clark host of the Money List
Gene Rayburn host of Greed
Howie Mandel host of Friend or Foe?
Peter Tomarken host of Super Password
Jeff Foxworthy host of syndicated Weakest Link
Ty Treadway host of 1 vs. 100
Richard Dawson host of Whammy!
Bob Saget host of approximately 23 different game shows
Regis Philbin host of syndicated Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
Bill Cullen host of original Hollywood Squares
Lisa Kennedy host of original Weakest Link
Allen Ludden host of Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?
Meredith Viera host of original Match Game
Fred Roggin host of syndicated Wheel of Fortune
Art Fleming host of Million Dollar Password
George Gray host of original Family Feud
Todd Newton host of original Jeopardy!

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