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Puzzle #1


Finally, what you've all been waiting for... the first of many Grey's Anatomy crossword puzzles. Have fun!

jerk Denny's was faulty
OBGYN A male patient had a phantom one of these
Bex McDreamy's humble abode
prom Lizzie's modeling apparel
Thanksgiving Intern hangout furniture
Thursday The keeper of the Chief's surgical schedule
the nazi Location of George's heroic solo surgery
pregnancy The memory-challenged "other woman"
Rosanna Bomb in the hospital = Code _____
nudity The finale party
Ellis Grey In September, Seatle Grace's nightly destination
heart Cristina's ploy to break up George and Burke
knitting Lizzie was obsessed with this day's perfection
syphilis Sex can make Meredith do this
bedside The Chief
lingerie Doc's doc
black Bailey might be otherwise known as this (two words)
cry The Arquette who guest-starred as a prison inmate
McVet Addie's speciality (abbr.)
elevator What some might think of Karev
emerald This ran rampant at Seattle Grace
trailer The teenage hermaphrodite who bonded with George
gurney The gang's watering hole: _______ City Bar
shoes An out-of-place red pair in the opening credits
Webber Pre-occupying hobby for Lizzie and Meredith
the board Karev needs to work on his _______ manner

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