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Looney Tunes

Erika Dorrell

No description

Elmer Fudd Petunia Pig's boyfriend
Wile E. Coyote Says, "What's up doc?"
Taz He's from Mars
Pussyfoot Porky Pig's Girlfriend
Pepe Le Pew He's the fastest mouse in Mexico
Granny She's really a cat, but Pepe doesn't know that
Slyvester The other bunny in Space Jam
Marvin the Martian He never gets Bugs
Bugs Bunny A cute kitten
Porky Pig The sweet little yellow bird
Daffy Duck He's a fast bird
Petunia Pig He's a devil
Lola Bunny The short gun-slinger
Yosemite Sam He stinks
Foghorn Leghorn Granny always after Tweety
Tweety She is a little old lady
Michgan J. Frog Bugs archrival
Speedy Gonzales The talented frog
Roadrunner The cartoon rooster
Penelope He can never catch the Roadrunner

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