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The names of disney characters


This puzzle is for all disney and puzzle lovers!Let us test your disney knowledge...

Rapunzel Princess with long hair
Pinnachio The chinese lady who impersonates as a man
Baloo Little Mermaid's best friend
Ariel Simba's father
Pumpkin This was made into a chariot for Cinderella
alice _____ in wonderland
Tigger one hundred and one __________
dalmations The little mermaid's name
Pixie Whenever he lies, his nose grows longer
Beast Mowgli's bear friend
Snowwhite Sleeping beauty gets a curse that she'll die by the prick of a _______
spindle Bambi's childhood friend and mate
Aurora Winnie's friend Tiger is called so...
Mulan Beauty and the _____
Mickey The wicked captain who plots against Peter Pan
Scrooge The mouse character voiced by Walt Disney
Flounder The Disney princess who is as white as snow, as red as blood and as black as ebony
Pilot Baloo's profession in the series TaleSpin
Faline Aladdin's monkey friend
Hook The uncle in the duck tales series
Pluto Sleeping beauty's name in the disney movie
Abu This dog shares its name with a celestial body
Mufasa Fairy dust that can help you fly

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