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The Simspons crossword!

Tristan Thetsombandith

Test how much you really know about the Simpsons.

seven who shot mr burns
Bartholomew Which cereal did Bart eat that sent him to the hospital?
Shrimp Most unhealthies burger in the world
Santa's little helper What is the name of the bar that homer always foes too
weird al What door does Bart pick when he's trapped in the tiger cage in Shelbyville?
Rolling stones Which band made the theme song in the simpsons movie
underdunk what was the name of homer's character when he was in itchy and scatchy
angry dad What did Homer smuggle on board the space shuttle
hair Who is The Simpsons neighbor
Jeff Albertson Who has the largest Malibu Stacey doll collection?
Krusty-Os what is the flaming homer's sevret ingredent?
Krusty burger what is the name of mr burns teddy bear
PIn Pals What was the last concert marge and homer went to
blinky What town is beside springfield
India Where are the Kwik-E-Mart headquarters located
Duff When lisa competed for first sax what place did she came in
cough medicine Who is lisa's jazz mentor
Falloutboy In the episode''Lost verizon'' whose cell phone does bart take
Wiggum Homer's favourite beer
Jay What was the name of homer's bowling team
Jebadiah Springfield who is radioactive man sidekick
buddhist Unfunny clown
Poochie whats the comic book guy's real name
Flanders Who did Barney replace in the B Sharps
Scatchy what is bart allergic too
Reinier Wolfcastle Itchy and ...
Dallas cowboys Who was homer's rival when he was Mr.Plow
shelbyville what nfl team did Homer always wanted to own
Stampy lisa's religon
Green Day marge hides the christmas money in her....
Moe's Tavern whats barts real first name
Smithers what is the name of the three eyed fish
Danis leary what is the name for Bart's Internet show
Bobo Which acor plays McBain
Plow king What nationality were the people who bought the power plant from Mr. Burns
maggie Who found Springfield
Krusty Whats homer's middle name
Second whats sideshow's bob middle name
potato chips who guest stared in '' three gays in a condo''
Germans What was the name of barts pet elephant
Bleeding Gums Murphy What is the name of barts dog

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