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Who Said it on Enterprise

By Scoobydog

Name the character that said the quote on Star Trek Enterprise

CommanderDolim "I will only be 66 on my next birthday"
OrionChick "when in Rome"
Talas "you're not my commanding officer now"
DrPhlox "she does have a really nice bum"
ComannderShran "the sexual tension is obviously due to T'Pol"
Rajiin "I'll let you two get acquainted"
T'Pol "my mother has top security clearance"
JonathanArcher "I don't want to see you get hurt Captain"
Hoshi "I trust you did everything to save that Vulcan ship"
Erika "should I take her to warp sir"
Soval "do we really need these people"
Silix "I'm looking for rare Archerite ore"
Malcolm "security codes are just numbers"
TripTucker "what floor is the Captain's Quarters on"
Mayweather "It's a shame......all that water"

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