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Star Trek Voyager

Gayle Bollton

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kimtones Name Harry Kim's band.
zimmerman Name the boar-like animal native to Klingon homeworld.
dog Which character is a Brunali/Borg?
Tuvok Name the epidsode where Janeway ordered a duplicate Kim to take Wildman's baby through the void to another USS Voyager.
Caretaker Tom Wright plays him.
Coda Where was Neelix born?
Chamozi Who never cries at any point on the show?
bajoran Name the episode Q brings Cmdr. Riker to the Voyager.
Tuvix What dept. did Ensign Samantha Wildman run?
kes Name of the spinoff following Voyager.
icheb What does Tuvok do for Neelix as Neelix is leaving the ship for good?
indiana Captain Janeway's first name?
Borg Joined the Starfleet crew in Caretaker.
intrepid Originally cast as Janeway.
Paris The quadrant the Voyager is stuck in.
chronexaline Ensign Wildman's child.
Bujold Who is almost killed in Sacred Ground?
Seven What actor had an asteroid named after him in October 2007?
Mulgrew Janeway's birthday is the 20th of what month.
maquis The Doctor had a fling with Denara Pel, of what species was she.
xenobiology Captain Janeway's usual color for bedtime sleepwear.
Enterprise Neelix always tried to help out in what dept.
Deathwish What was the series finale episode called?
Takei Who or what is a blessing to the land in the form of an ancient healing symbol?
dances Name the hostile species encountered during the episode Year of Hell.
opera Who did Tom turn into a cow in Spirit Folk?
Braxton This captain attempted to sabotage Voyager in the episode Relativity.
Bridge In what episode does an alien pretending to be Janeway's father tells us of how he dies?
Pink Q2 was played by John de Lancies son in real life, what is his name?
Kathryn What episode originally aired on May 9th 2001?
hirogen Voyager's first officer.
naomi Voyager is this class of vessel.
endgame Delta Quadrant Klingons called B'Elanna's baby by this.
delta Without emotions.
Deadlock Who plays Captain Janeway?
velocity EMH first appeared in this episode.
exogenetics One of only four characters to appear in every episode of Voyager.
vidiian Name the vessel Seven was aboard when she was assimilated.
Mushroom This DS9 character appeared on the episode Caretaker.
clarinet This game involves 2 players avoiding being hit by a disk while shooting it with a phaser.
arachnia Janeway became this Queen of the Spider People.
hobbes 7 of 9 is part human and this.
chakotay Instrument Harry Kim played.
targ In the first episode it is learned that Seska is actually a Cardassian, what species was she altered to be?
axum Who is Molly Malone to Captain Janeway?
Maggie How did Captain Janeway's father, Admiral Janeway die?
admiral Name Seven's friend in Unimatrix Zero.
krenim Captain Janeway's fiancee's nickname.
Keegan Highest rank in Starfleet that Janeway's father held.
Mezoti Janeway revealed in The Flight that missing the question in her senior class in this subject about Nucleotide Resonance Frequency kept her from getting an A.
Homestead Ships center or command center.
raven Birthplace of Janeway.
Drowned Who offers to show Naomi how to make her braids?
qomar What form of music did the Doctor sing while others tried to sleep on the shuttle?
Rinax What is Jeri Ryan's real last name?
Quark In Year of Hell, who escorted a blinded Tuvok?
may Who claimed to own the abandoned array network?
security Name the experimental drug Janeway asked the Doctor for in Endgame.
kuvahmagh Name Chakotay's favorite soup.
vulcans In Virtuoso, who seemed at first to be enthralled with the doctor?

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