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The Simpsons


For Fans of the Simpsons...

Beer Marge's fling
Hoover Rival town
George Bush Framed Krusty
Monorail Grampa
Martin Not Sherry
Hibbert Jazzman
Fox Storekeeper
Ralph Marge's maiden name
Selma Bart's elephant
Frink Mr. Burns
Sherry Anchorman
Gerald Homer's middle name
Octoplets Mayor
Bleeding Gums 742 Terrace, Springfield
Patty Liquor Connaiseur
Jay Transit system
Brockman Mr. Burn's assistant
Stonecutters Homer's brother
Chalmers Longest running _ series
Lurleen Middle Child
Animated Doctor
Lisa Itchy
Flanders Has a crush on Lisa
Moe Not Selma
Herbert Friendly neighbour
Quimby Skinners mother
Snowball Who shot mr. Burns?
Jacques Little Wiggum
Krusty TV Clown
Barney Homer's weakness
Sideshow Bob Cat's name
Abraham Superintendent
Evergreen Reverend
Troy Mclur Barkeeper
Helper Bart's prinicple
Maggie Professor
Nelson Bully
Kwike Mart Class President
Apu Not Patty
Wiggum Chief
Lovejoy He drives the schoolbus
Carl Not Carl
Terry Country Singer
Skinner Apu's babies
Stampy Secret Society
Groening Krusty's competitor
Scratchy the Simpson's creator
Bouvier Homer's expression
Otto Not Terry
Montgomery Attorney at Law
Lenny Maggie's enemy
Shelbyville Santa's Little _
Max Power Beer Brand
Gabbo You might remember him
Agnes Homer changed his name to
Duff Not Lenny
Doh Lisa's teacher
Lionel Hutz Simpson's network
Smithers President neighbour
Millhouse It never closes

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