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The Simpson's Crossword

Liam Hickey

No description

Maude Scientist, professer
Willie Duff Beer Promoter
Artie Ziff Son of Homer and Marge
Rod Maggie's arch nemesis
Ms Krabappel Mr Burns assistant
Disco Stu Former billionaire and boyriend of Marge
Chief Wiggum Bus Driver
Baby Gerald Priest at the Simpson's church
Eddy Homer's boss, aand owner of The Springfield Nuclear Power Plant
Drederick Tatum Out of luck salesman
Santas Little Helper Wife of Cletus
Radioactive Man Comic Book Superhero
Apu Lisa's teacher
Duff Man He doesnt advertise
Brandine Oldest son of the Flanders
Homer Mayor of Springfield
Moe Star of McBain film's
Rainier Wolfcastle Famous actor
Abe Simpson Alien
Kent Brockman Alien
Lou Professional Boxer
Maggie Owner of the Androids And Dungeons comic book shop
Sideshow Mel Owner of Moe's Tavern
Otto Youngest son of the Flanders
Bart Husband of Brandine
Mr Smithers Wife of Ned Flanders
Reverend Lovejoy Husband of Marge
Ned Krusty the clowns ex assistant, wants to kill Bart Simpson
Ralph Wiggum Wife of Homer
Mr Teeny Medical Doctor
Barney Principal of Springfield Elementary School
Marge Springfield Elementary School lunch lady
Doris Husband of Maude Flanders
Herman Bart's teacher
Lisa Owner of Kwik E Mart
Dr Nick News Anchor
Kang Krusty the clown's trained monkey
Mayor Quimby Owner of the Military Antiques Shop
Troy McClure Springfield police force
Professer Frink Homer's father
Comic Book Guy Oldest Daughter of Homer and Marge
Gil Son of Chief Wiggum
Ms Hoover Groundskeeper
Sideshow Bob Dog of the Simpsons family
Kodos Springfield police force
Lionel Hutz Youngest daughter of Homer and Marge
Cletus Attorney
Mr Burns Krustys Sidekick
Principal Skinner Springfield chief of police
Todd Moe's tavern barfly

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