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True Blood

Aslinn Dhan Dragonhawk

Cross word puzzle based on the Show True Blood and the Charlaine Harris Books

Tara The Sheriff's maker
Arlene Likes to listen at her talk
Maenad An Organic vegan
Andy What Maryann is
Eric Bouncer at the Vampire Bar
Lafayette Could look at her smile all day
Redwine The Reason for the Great Revelation
Liam Secures a Vampire
Fangtasia A Vampire adversary
DrewMarshall Has BLDSKR on the vanity plate
Malcolm Has a human lover
Maudette She named him
Amy Like hypnosis
Silver What he was a thousand years ago
Stan Vampire Drainers
Merlottes A reason to be there
BudDearborn Like the scare crow, arms and legs everywhere
Hepd The first one
Sam Has Hawaii 5-0 on his ring tone
Glamour Sex on a Stick
Therattrays AKA Sweetheart
Bill A Vampires most guarded secret
Lorena Bill's Progeny
AlanBall Where Bill sleeps
DeadUntilDark AKA Rene Lenier
Longshadow Advises Tip yo waitress
Royce A Liar and a Thief
Terry Sookie's disability
Underthefloor Vampire Judge
Telepathy Author
Eddie Sort of Human
Dallas The first Book
TruBlood Mean Nasty Creatures
Jason Funny name for a bar
Werewolves Sheriff of Bon Temps
Restingplace Has a voice like Angels and Parakeets
Dean Another Vampire Drives it
Daphne Bartender at the Vampire Bar
Mercedes Doe, a deer a female deer
Pam Member of the DGD
Godric I am your elder
Themagister Like Sookie
Viking Local watering hole
Dawngreen One of the bad Vampires
Hoyt Nearly runs over a naked lady and a pig
Hugo Holder of the crone stones
Jessica Director
Ginger Rescued by Sookie
Adelestackhouse Locale of season two
CharlaineHarris He is mine
Missjeanette A sheriff
Chow He's a real Bow Wow
Isabell Jerry had it
LivingDeadInDallas Hair like sunset after a bomb has gone off
Sookie Janella's Vampire Boyfriend
Barry The second book
Diane Likes TV and Lafayette
Corvette Bill's Maker

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