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Cassandra Daly

For all you TrueBlood lovers! This is a crossword that spans from season 1 to season 2 episode 10. Hope you enjoy!

arlene Who is the mural at Maryann's of?
missjeanette What is Daphne's go to animal?
hisblood What does Bill give Sookie to save her life? 2wrds
nanflanagan What is Jessica's last name?
dionysis Who does Jessica fall for?
vjuice What is the name of the vampire Amy killed?
barry What is the name of the bar Bill takes Sookie to?
nest What did Miss Jeanette give Tara to make her hallucinate?
money Who gives Tara the money for her exorcism?
hugo What is the name of the other Extra Sensory Human Sookie meets in Dallas?
longshadow What was the name of Drew Marshall's first victim that worked at Big Pattie's Pie House?
hoyt What is the name of the Vampire that was stealing from Eric?
eddie Who is Terry's "special lady"?
peyote What does Bill try to do before turning Jessica? 2wrds
karl Who kills Daphne?
cindy Who is the human that takes care of Eric's bar during the day?
descendentsofthegloriousdead Who does MaryAnn want for the God Who Comes? 2wrds
bontemps When Sookie is attacked Eric summons a dwarf to heal her. What is the dwarf's last name?
maudettepickens What church does Jason join? 4wrds
ginger What god is MaryAnn trying to summon?
sophieanne What is the dog's name Sam imprinted on?
sam What is Eggs real name?
pan What is the slang term for Vampire Blood?
tina What is the name of the senator that visits Lafayette for V? 2wrds
lorena What replaced part of the Redneck does Lafayette use to escape Eric's dungeon?
hip What creature is MaryAnn?
dean What colors does Sookie see in the murder's thought? 3wrds
rene Who is the spokeswoman for the American Vampire League?
peanut Who shows Jason a vampire sex tape? 2wrds
ten Who was found dead in Andy's car?
mainstreaming What does Lettie Mae make Tara after her demons are gone? 2wrds
eggs Who is the Sherriff in Dallas and Eric's Maker?
fellowshipofthesun Who was Drew Marshall?
redandblack What is the name for a group of vampires that live together?
fangtasia What is it called when a vampire switches from human blood to TruBlood?
hoecakes Who is in charge at the Fellowship of the Sun? 2wrds
benedict Who is MaryAnn's right hand man?
maenad What is the name of the Vampire Queen?
davidfinch What is the name of Isabel's Human that betrays the vampires?
sammerlotte What age does Eggs say he started smoking weed?
stevenewlin Who does Jane Bodehouse call instead of MaryAnn?
godric Who is Bills's Maker?
hamby What is Sookie's cats name?
galmorher What does Sam try to give back to MaryAnn when she comes to the bar?
ludwig What is the name of the town TrueBlood is set in?
pig What is the name of Gran's church group? 5wrds

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