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Broadway Songs

Khara Hoyer

Match the songs to the show they're from

AvenueQ On My Own; Bring Him Home
WildParty Those Magic Changes; Summer Nights
Cabaret Lost in the Wilderness; Spark of Creation
SouthPacific Consider Yourself; Where Is Love?
Wicked Loathing; For Good
Urinetown Follow Your Heart; Don't Be the Bunny
WizardofOz Luck Be a Lady; Fugue for Tinhorns
LastFiveYears Agony; Giants in the Sky
CrazyForYou A Fine, Fine Line; Schadenfreude
Seussical Wilkommen; Two Ladies
Grease I Got Rhythm; Embraceable You
RockyHorror A Wonderful Guy; Younger Than Springtime
Cinderella What I Did For Love; One
SoundofMusic Beunos Aires; Surprisingly Good for You
Chicago Somewhere Over the Rainbow; If I Only Had a Brain
Oliver Written in the Stars; I Know the Truth
Bare Tonight; America
LesMiserables Notice Me, Horton; The Thinks You Can Think
Mame Tomorrow; Hard Knock Life
ByeByeBirdie Cell Block Tango; Roxie
Hairspray Tango Maureen; What You Own
IntotheWoods Raise the Roof; Queenie was a Blonde
GuysandDolls Do Re Mi; I Have Confidence
Evita Bosom Buddies; My Best Girl
SweeneyTodd A Little Priest; The Barber and his Wife
WestSideStory My Own Little Corner; Ten Minutes Ago
Oklahoma You
Aida I Cain't Say No; Out of My Dreams
Rent Shiksa Goddess; A Part of That
Annie Good Morning Baltimore; I Can Hear the Bells
ChildrenofEden Time Warp; Damn It, Janet
AChorusLine Kids; One Boy

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