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Drama Terms

David Walker

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scenery any of the various backgrounds used to suggest a location
dialogue a form of drama that has humorous content and a happy ending
comedy area of a theater where tickets are sold
act the planning and execution of stage dances
acoustics a long speech expressing the thoughts of a lone performer on stage
protagonist a character in conflict with the main character (protagonist)
soliloquy clothing worn onstage by performers
cue an afternoon performance of a play
scene a minor division in an act or in a play
auditorium an object used by a character in a drama
property a story written to be performed by actors; a play
audition lines spoken directly to the audience, rather than to fellow actors
tragedy a form of drama with a serious tone and unhappy ending
acting a performance that is made up as it is performed
actor dealing with rural life in an idealized manner
copyright to make up and deliver lines not in the script
aside the quality of sound in a particular building
ad lib competition for a part in a play; a tryout
box office area of a theater where the audience sits
ham a circular or semi-circular auditorium, sometimes outdoors, surrounded by raised seating
antagonist conversation between or among characters
set a person who overacts
drama to leave the stage
director a performer in a play
costume the main character in a literary work; the hero or heroine
improvisation a signal which tells a performer when to speak or respond
ampitheater the performance of a role
pastoral all of the scenery, props, and lighting used on stage
exit person in overall charge of a production
choreography a major structural division in a play
matinee legal ownership of a literary work

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