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Drama Vocabulary

Krisha Sielaff

A crossword puzzle to help students learn Drama Vocabulary!!

Cross All the circumstances (time, place, weather, past events, relationships, etc.) that affect a character’s actions in the play.
Cheat What the character has to lose if he/she doesn’t achieve his/her objective.
Gesture To play toward the audience while seeming to converse with others on stage.
Backstage Imaginary wall between the stage and the audience.
Relationship The connection between the characters, how they know/relate to one another.
Cover To hide something from the audience, (usually a mistake.)
Crew Conversation between two or more actors.
Obstacle A large division of a play, a block of stage time.
Tactics The actor’s version of “good luck,” derived form the days when a superior performance was rewarded by being invited to kneel before the king, thus bending (breaking) a leg.
Blocking The driving force for the character, what he/she is after. The character’s goal in the scene. It is what your character wants, what they are fighting for, what their dream ending is.
Callback What the character does to achieve the objective.
Fourth Wall Dialogue or action made up by the actor. Often used in crowd scenes, or to cover a mistake.
Aside All of an actor’s stage movements and positions. Where you move and when.
Stakes The people who run the show backstage.
Cast A character’s comments made directly to the audience rather than to the other characters on stage, (who supposedly don’t hear.)
Audition Small division of a play within an act that marks a change of characters, place or action.
Dialogue A movement of the body, or part of the body, to express or emphasize ideas, emotions, etc.
Breakaleg A speech for one actor. (Often used for auditions).
Scene To play toward the audience while seeming to converse with others on stage.
Objective To move from one area of the stage to another.
Act Detailed bits of stage action that help define a character, (for example: setting the table, knitting, flipping a coin, etc.)
GivenCircumstances To increase intensity toward the climactic point of a monologue / scene / show.
Monolgue The people in the show. The actors and actresses
Counter The screening process of actors for the director – can be a prepared monologue or a reading of a scene given at the time of the audition. The actors job interview.
AdLib Whatever stands in the way of a character’s goal or objective.
Project A request from the director to see an actor again.
Build Areas off stage that are beyond the audiences view.
Business Speak louder (not screaming).

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