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Elizabethan Theater


Cool stuff you may already know about the Elizabethan era

stage "All the world's a ............."
Marlowe the number of plays Shakespeare wrote (no space between parts of answer)
thames a play whose name is historically bad luck for actors
romeo underside of the half-roof on an Elizabethan theater, actors playing gods or ghosts lowered from here
Puck the trickster or fool figure of Twelfth Night
patron Will Shakespeare's hometown
macbeth a trickster figure from a Shakespeare play
blank Aristotle came up with three of these; they were NOT used in Elizabthan theater
Globe the hero of a famous Shakespearean tragedy
sixteenth river near London's original theater district
stratford the type of verse used most often in Elizabethan plays
Feste a famous theater associated with Shakespeare
sonnet break a.........
unities the element of Ancient Theater is used sometimes in E-theater, like the opening of Romeo and Juliet
heavens the second, and most illustrious, patron of Shakespeare's acting company
trap most Shakespearean comedies end with one of these
company this health problem often led to the theaters being closed
leg To ___or not to be
tempest some thought he may have been the real author of Shakespeare's plays; also, a delicious breakfast meat
bacon a noble sponsor of an acting company
actor where Shakespeare went to make his fortune
wedding type of poetry Shakespeare wrote (rhymes with "bonnet"
soliloquy a playwright who was a contemporary of Shakespeare, wrote Dr. Faustus
be Shakespeare's dad made these, you seldom need them
plague the century in which most of E-theater occurred
chorus Shakespeare's other job, besides playwright
kingjames a dramatic speech by one actor
elizabeth ________doors--these were used for primitive special effects
gloves a Shakespearean comedy
london a group of actors, begins with a "c"
thirtyseven the person for whom this time period was named

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