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Midsummer Night's Dream

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Helena the title of the play put on by the craftsmen
Globe calls Hermia a bead, acorn, and minimus
PyramusandThisbe Queen of the Amazons
Hermia the setting for this play
onlyadream shows compassion to the lovers as they quarrel in the woods
BlackPlague falls in love with an ass
properties the Indian boy taken in by the Queen of the Fairies
changeling is the only character who remains under a spell
Lysander the name of Shakespeare's theatre
donkeyears the character who wishes his daughter to marry Demetrius
RobinGoodfellow subdivisions of acts
downstage removes the love spell
poetry speech in which a character speaks his private thoughts aloud
dialogue how Puck suggests the audience view the play
comedy Puck's alias
MidsummersEve considered the shorter, dark-haired one of the lovers
DianasBud characterized as jealous, obsessive, and desperate for love
Demetrius the type of play that ends happily
Titania where all of Shakespeare's plays were performed originally
soliloquy creature that Theseus, the Greek hero, slew
Hippolyta another name for furniture, swords, and articles used by actors
Oberon why Shakespeare's theatre closed for two straight years
LoveInIdleness the name of the flower that causes one to fall in love with the next "live creature" one sees
WilliamShakespeare the manner in which the fairies speak; diction
London June 23rd, the shortest night of the year
minotaur author 38 Elizabethan plays
scenes how Puck chooses to "translate" Bottom
malapropism the area of the stage closest to the audience
AthensGreece the name of Shakespeare's wife
Egeus conversations between characters on stage
AnneHathaway the technical terms for Bottom's frequent misuse of words (i.e., deflowered for devoured)

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