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Much ado about Nothing

Wiliam Paddock

No description

bard Don John sets up Hero to be _____.
slandered Claudio was ____ by Don John’s tricks.
messenger Don Pedro promises Benedick that he will see him in ____.
marched Claudio would reveal Hero's slander at the ___ the next day at the wedding.
charges The prince asks if they can stay at Leonato's for a ____.
nothing Benedick wants to ____ Claudio.
sexton What was Balthasar?
alter Claudio and her ____ there second wedding night away.
crackers Claudio falls in love with ____ the first time they meet.
sleep A college of wit _____ could no flout me out of my humor.
wished Benedick asks _____ to marry him.
kill Don Pedro says Claudio can’t come with him because he will be ___.
Leonato’s The hearts rules the ____.
degrade A miracle! Here’s our own hands against our ____.
Beatrice The princes men ____ into Leonato's after the war was done.
danced Beatrice tells Benedick to kill Claudio or she won’t ___ him.
Benedick Claudio is to marry hero one week after the dance at _____.
love Benedick ____ his horse was as fast as Beatrice’s tongue.
joy Who marries hero?
hate Opposite of love.
prince The watch wanted the ____ to be the judge because he could read and write.
kiss To dance in ___.
hearts The dumb policeman caught and placed _____ against Don John’s men.
mind Beatrice insults Benedick when a _____ says he is coming.
Hero The ____ and his men come back from war.
newlywed Walked
Strolled Leonato is the governor of ____.
month Much ado about____.
Messina Who does Beatrice finally fall for?
enraged The watch was not to make a noise so they where to ____.
Claudio Don John wanted to slander Hero in order to ____ Claudio.

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