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Oedipus Rex

Edea Baldwin

No description

suicide Riddling monster
oracle Parricide
creon Queen
satyr Greek for character flaw
thespian Group that speaks in unison
thebes ______at Delphi, seer for Apollo
greece A situation in which the unexpected, or opposite, occurs
moira Brother of the queen
prophecy Literally, "goat songs"
masks Blind prophet
prophecies Author of the play
destiny Murdered king
corinth One's ultimate fate, "written in the stars"
pins Answer to a famous riddle
sophocles Greek for "fate"
sphinx From the Greek, a word for "actor"
oedipus Faun, goat-man
hubris City where Oedipus grew up
tiresias Oedipus uses these to blind himself
chorus Afflicting the city
tragedy Country where drama as we kow it began
man Sin of great pride
ironic Greek god of wine
dithyramb Were worn by actors, to emphasize facial expression
laius Prediction about the future
plague Given to unfortunate parents
jocasta A serious play in which the protagonist suffers a downfall
dionysus Jocasta's end
hamartia City where play takes place

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