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Allison S.

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hap city in northern Italy
Friar Laurence reputation
fantasticoes servant to the Nurse
God-den servant of Montague
Balthasar relative of Prince and friend of Romeo
Abram locks of hair that were tangled by mischievous elves
skainsmates Archaic word for Good evening
cankered servant of Montague
nice mask
ware nephew of Montague and friend of Romeo
hoodwinked Latin for "Bless you"
Romeo a servant to Capulet
bliss a young nobleman, a relative of the Prince
Sampson blindfolded
visor a druggist
ward kind of salted fish
chorus coal dealers
elflocks money
ancient minor
Benedicite son of Montague
countervail affectionate, tender
gyves rude youngster
jaunce tiring journey
mistempered slashing
Tybalt fleeting human love
envious status
hag questioned
dignity devoted to Juliet
Verona chains, like the threads that hold hte bird captive
Nurse aware
shrived Shakespeare uses when he rhymes
shrift forgiven of her sins
importuned Archaic word for unmarried girl
poor john What month was Shakepeare born?
Oerperch cousin
princox nephew of Lady Capulet
fond prologue spoken by a single actor
reckoning ruler of Verona
civilians' passions daughter of Capulet
Mercuitio rusted; diseased
couplets good-for-nothings
Peter another Franciscan priest
Friar John nightmare
Apothecary used with bad temper
Benvolio heaven
crowkeeper civil blood
colliers Archaic word for trivial, foolish
frank confession
Juliet loose women
chinks a Franciscan priest
April evil
coz huge and monstrous
hildings Archaic word for mood, or moisture
prodigious old; established by old customs
Count Paris match or equal
maid flyover
swashing generous
vanity luck
Prince Escalus scarecrow
humor dandies; men who copy French manners and fashions

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