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Shakespearen Confusion

Tavia Johnson

King Lear Vocabulary

dissolutions a stick or switch used for beating as a punishment
antipathy weathervaces
nimble inimate
dot on distinguishing
mar the property or money that a woman gives to her hisband when they are married
whoreson lacking energy
tarry a pun; crewel is a thin yarn
rod enduring
fa sol la mi intentionally harmful
contemned Edmund sings an augmented fourth, sometimes referred to as "the devil in music"
dowry coining money was the king's privilege
abjure lasting forever or for an indefinitely long time
perpetual prostitute
fairest disorted
afflication a rope with a noose for hanging
opulent offense
recreant cause of pain or suffering
malicious curses
parricides in the dark
frontlet act foolish toward
visage countenance
cocks physical ailments
darkling shamefully
mire a stong dislike
cruel garters terminations or breaking up into parts
coining poisonous snake
epileptic an area with wet, soggy ground; bog
censure to continue in a course of action
sojourn a governed territory or country
diligence visit; to live somewhere temporarily
infirmities fanfare of trumpets
ignobly neglect
maledictions a disloyal person; traitor
fourish attentiveness
halter those who murder their fathers
perpetual wait for
retinue despised
lethargied bastard son, meant affectionately here
discerning solemnly reject
persevere most loved
merry a plant used to treat madness
marjoram damage
mischief characterized by abundance
adder in good spirits
familiar criticism
plucks a metephor for frown
slack tugging or pulling on someone's beard was an extreme insult
dominions hurt
courtesan moving quickly
crime a group of assistants or servants attending a person of importance

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