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Mike Nolan

Famous playwrights

BALIHAI "West Side Story" gang leader
LES playwright J.M. of "Riders to the Sea"
ODETS musical based on the Weekly World News
AMADEUS "______ Rex"
UTA "____ Pinafore"
MEDOFF "The Phantom of the _____"
CHALLIOT "A Streetcar Named _______"
ONEILL "Actor's Nightmare" playwright Christopher
TOM Playwright David, of "Glengarry Glen Ross"
APE "Suddenly ____ Summer"
MONSTER Actress/teacher Hagen
MAMET "Little Women" character
IBSEN Playwright Maxim of "The Lower Depths"
HMS "The Iceman Cometh" playwright
GORKI Sarte play "No____"
MIRACLE Director Kazan
DURANG "___ Miserables"
JUD "The Hairy ______"
IAGO Shaw play "Saint ____"
ANOUITH Webber/Rice musical
LAST "Othello" villain
ODD Playwright Wilson of "Fences"
IONESCO "______ I would leave you" (two words)
OPERA "A Doll's House" playwright
SETZUAN "The Adding Machine" Playwright Rice
BATBOY "West ______ Story"
DESIRE Arthur Schnitzler play (Two words)
PORGY Duerrenmatt play, with "The"
ETRE "Children of a Lesser God" playwright Mark
RIFF Playwright Jean of "The Balcony"
ELMER Kander/Ebb musical
GENET "The ______ Worker"
EVITA "Raison d'_____"
LARONDE "The Real Thing" playwright Stoppard
JOAN Character from "Avenue Q" Kate_________
EXIT Play by Peter Shaffer
VISIT Playwright Eugene of "Rhinoceros"
OEDIPUS "Oklahoma" character
AUGUST Song from "South Pacific" (two words)
SHAW playwright George Bernard
SIDE Play by Jean Cocteau
SYNGE "The Good Woman of _______"
ELIA musical "______town"
IFEVER "The ____ Couple"
THESPIS first Actor
ORPHEE "The Madwoman of __________"
CABARET Fencing sword
URINE Playwright Jean, of "Thieves' Carnival"
EPEE Playwright Clifford, of "Waiting for Lefty"
JO "______ and Bess"

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