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Disaster and Catastrophe related words

disaster someone who escapes to safety
bushfire sudden misfortune or calamity
air sudden destructive shortlived flood
flash flood one of the four elements
military one of the four elements
catastrophe very great in degree
suffering vehicle for transporting injured
heroine great flowing or overflowing of water
earth sudden and urgent occasion for action
emergency tropical hurricane
tsunami wave from earthquake
hurricane one of the four elements
panic one of the four elements
casualty to experience pain or distress
hero violent tropical cyclonic storm
water male person greatly admired
fire to move from a disaster to safety
collapse moving objects hitting
police a person killed or injured in an accident
cyclone to fall in or down suddenly
collision fire in forest or bush country
evacuate sudden violent disaster
refugee great trouble , adversity
calamity female person greatly admired
ambulance sudden terror, with or without cause
extreme to protect, control and keep order
flood related to the armed forces

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