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Composition Word Usage Project

Jaclyn Bodary

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Amount My dog likes to sit _________ me.
Accept Use (Among, Between) to show a relationship in which more than two people or things are considered as a group
All together _________ is a verb meaning " to influence"
Past _________ is referring to death by hanging.
Proceed To go up
Hanged A conjuction
Already To go from one country to live in another.
Respectively Do not use emergency exits (accept, except) in case of a fire.
Than We have a large (number, amount) of dancers at our studio
Further _____ your books on the desk.
Number Word meaning completely ready.
Emigrate These new pants are to (lose, loose).
All ready ____________ means to give for temporary use.
Badly It takes (less, fewer) time to travel to Florida in an airplane than a car.
Farther __________is an adjective.
Loan ________means " in the order named"
Then We drove (passed, past) this hospital already.
Respectfully We recieved a ____________ from the bank.
Lie _________ is a noun meaning "result"
Effect Do not _______ your spot in line.
Raise May I (borrow, lend, loan) your pencil?
Lend ________ means " with respect."
Bad She (hung, hanged) the sign on the bulletin board.
Lose The girl had to decide __________ dance and gymnastics.
Less (Raise, Rise) your arms in the air.
Beside Use this to refer to degree or time.
Immigrate We (passed, past) this landmark several times.
Between We all have the same (amount, number) of money to spend.
Fewer She traveled (farther, further) than he did.
Passed Did you (already, all ready) do your project?
Loose To come to a country to live.
Among I like to _____lie in the sunshine.
Lay The dancer's feet were (bad, badly) bruised!
Affect An adverb
Besides __________ is a word meaning " in a group"
Precede ________ means " to go or come before."
Hung ________means " to continue."
Except A word meaning" in addition to"
Rise There are (less,fewer) student's in our school this year than there was last year.
Borrow I (accept,except) the challenge.

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