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Etymology List 8


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affinity depressing,cold
anterior pleasing to the ear
herbicide gloomy, weary
bizarre conventional, by the rules
euphonious weird
aftermath tempt, persuade with deception
inveigle moral attitudes, cultural standards
stupefy natural attraction, similarity
ajar outdoor structure with roof and open sides
catharsis emotional cleansing for relief
pied not tense, lenient
circa partially open
lax truthful, honesty
demur multi-colored
orthodox "slaving" flattery for favor
demagogue events following an occurence
bleak leader gaining power by appealing to prejudices
candor relieve
melancholy to object, make exception to
intervene stun, amazed
domain used to destroy plants and weeds
alleviate territory which one rules
mores at an estimated time period
fawn situated in front
gazebo come between, mediate

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