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Hamlet Vocabulary

by: Ms. Loiacono

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convocation dull and lifeless
commission Hamlet's only loyal friend
discourse wasteful; extravagent
treachery coming together
pestilent ghost; spirit
umbrage face; expression
cunning order
Fortinbras Hamlet's love interest
perceive decline; end
Horatio act of disloyalty
abatement slanderous
impetuous something that seems absurd but somehow makes sense
imminent ill-mannered
profound a statement with two possible interpretations
prodigal strong
perilous sky
conjure notice
potent hasty; impulsive
portentous displeasure; resentment
paradox church law
Suicide threatening
Ophelia takes over the crown
tedious devout
promontory intellectual depth; intensely felt
malefaction dangerous
calumnious deadly substance
rensezvous destructive; deadly
firmament meeting or encounter
visage appearance
resolution call up
pious ready to happen
countenance name of Hamlet's castle
sovereign skill in deception
Elsinore tarnished
poison quick means of death pondered by several characters
churlish firmeness; resolve
equivocation supreme in power
canon conversation
apparition evil deed; crime
sullied high land jutting into the sea

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