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Homophones Pairs - Level One

Mr. Weber

No description

flour delivered letters or bills
knows opposite of open
weak bread ingredient
hi gender of a boy or man
high verb of description (basic form)
bear opposite of low
meat to come together
no to identify a sound with your ears
male past tense of "to eat"
heel sick or tired
bare informal "hello"
here rose, tulip, lilly
bee use your eyes to ________
ate items you wear
eight naked; no clothes
flower seven days
meet had the correct answer or idea
heal forest animal
clothes part of the foot
hear insect that gathers honey
sea has the correct answer or idea
new have the correct answer or idea
nose a place of present time
mail lake, ________, ocean
see use to smell with
knew Number higher than 7 and lower than 9
close buy from a butcher
week brand-______
be to cure or treat with medicine
know opposite of "yes"

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