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-Isms of World History

Ellen de Blackmon

Following completion of AP World History, one could be able to complete this world comprised entirely of -isms.

Protestantism This sect of Christianity was created in part by Martin Luther's defiance of traditional doctrine and doubt among the public about Catholic practices.
Hinduism A political doctrine rooted in the idea of racial superiority associated with the reign of Adolph Hitler and genocide of groups deemed unworthy.
Fascism A political system in which a single person exercises complete power without checks- exemplified by the reign of Louis XIV.
Social-Darwinism A polytheistic religion originated in India in which one's goal is to live a life worthy of reincarnation in a higher social class.
Communism This social theory advocates a laissez-faire government style because like all other animals, humans survival of the biologically superior will weed out social problems.
Nazism Not a religion, but a school of thought that originated in China and advocates such practices as ancestor worship and setting a good example through righteousness.
Polytheism Founded in Northeastern India, this religion includes the belief in reincarnation and practices such as meditations to reach Nirvana.
Judaism Belief in multiple gods.
Monotheism A political system present in Qin China that included complete control of subjects and harsh punishments for deviation from the law.
Absolutism In the 11th century, this philosophical movement sought to combine traditional religious beliefs with new scientific theories and Aristotelian philosophy.
Buddhism One of the oldest religions whose teachings are based upon a never-ending battle between forces of good and evil- is thought to be the foundation of later world religions.
Confuscianism This movement proved to be the basis for many wars dating back to the 18th century and places extreme emphasis on nation identity and unity of ethnically homogenous peoples.
Nationalism An economic policy that states a country's exports should exceed their imports and the wealth of a nation depends on its supply of gold and silver.
Legalism Political and social movement beginning in the 19th century that advocated the equal treatment of women and acted against gender discrimination.
Imperialism The first monotheistic and oldest continuing religion.
Scholasticism A practice in which powerful nations gain control of weaker nations as the British did to India taking advantage of the land's resources and practicing colonialism.
Feminism A religion with belief in only one god.
Capitalism A political ideology created in the 20th century that places emphasis on nationalist pride, ethnocentrism, and severe restrictions on individual rights.
Mercantilism An economic doctrine based on a free market and competition between individuals to obtain wealth.
Zoroastrianism Economic theory in which property and wealth is owned by the whole of the people rather than by individuals to create a classless society.

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