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Latin and Greek Roots

Mrs. Hughes

Lessons 1 to 7

chrono look
pre beside
re without
in law
less end
veracious before
meter again, back
legis blame
ism censure, criticism
spect sound
animadversion together
ann with
esque nothing
extend time
culpa something written
pro incident
para the quality of
com unlawful
ship skin
er large
ous throw
tract life, spirit
able occupation or skill
illicit harm
dem full of
dis measure
anima to,toward
age one who does
phon pull, draw
dermis shut
conical mind
termin always
episode star
gramma like a
clud people
ish wisdom
anthropo away, apart
over in the manner of
bicentennial believe
soph two hundred year anniversary
cred unbelievable
script quantity or measure
sect prolong
semper like a cone
ad not
incredible inflammation
pyscho write
triennial world
magnus capable of being
itis truthful
astro man, human
noxa year
syn cut
nihil beyond, above
cosmo every three years
ject for

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