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Allegory to Extended Metaphor

Amanda Justiniano

Lit Terms

blank verse person, though not always human, who takes part in action of literary work
drama extra taint of meaning each word carries beyond the minimal, strict dictionary definition
dialogue poem in which poetic speaker addresses reader/listener at length; like the soliloquy in theater
extended metaphor long narrative poem about adventures of gods or hero
characterization non-fictional account of a person's life written by that actual person
conflict repetition of vowel sounds in stressed syllables containing dissimilar consonant sounds
exposition high point of interest or suspense in a literary work
epic dictionary definition of a word without historical or emotional connotation
autobiography Literary work with two or more levels of meaning: literal and one or more symbolic
diction reference to well-known person, place, event, literary work/work of ar
Allegory aftermath or resolution that occurs at final stages of the plot
Alliteration use of authorial discussion to explain or summarize background material rather than revealing information through gradual narrative detail
concrete poem nonfictional account of a person's life
couplet repetition of initial consonant sounds in accented syllables
denotation special type of alliteration in which the repeated patterns of consonants is marked by changes in teh intervening vowels
biography choice of a particular word as opposed to others; contributes to style and tone
connotation unrhymed poetry usually in iambic pentameter
dramatic monologue opposition between two characters, large groups, or between protagonist and larger problems
expressionism two consecutive lines of the same metrical length that end in rhyme to form one unitt
climax act of creating and developing a character
aside expository prose
dialect movement in arts during early 20th cent.; emphasized subjective expression of artist's inner experiences
consonance character who opposes the antagonist
Allusion in drama, a few words or short passage spoken to audience while other actors pretend to not hear speaker's words
antagonist lines spoken by characters in a literary work; especially a conversation between two persons
essay composition in prose or verse presenting narrative involving conflict between a character(s) and some external/internal force
character poem presented as a shape
denouement language of a particular district, class or group of persons
assonance extended figure of speech where words applied are not literally applicable

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